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Simple. Modern. Straw Bale Homes.

Solarwise is a quality-focused, Colorado design-build firm founded by Timbo Scursso.  We create simple modern straw bale homes emphasizing the use of natural materials, passive solar design, and renewable energy systems.  Combining the beauty of raw materials and the energy-efficiency of building science we provide our clients with a well-built, healthy home that is both inspiring and comfortable.  To learn how Solarwise can help you with your project please check out our services and send us a message describing your concept.

Guiding Principles

Design simple and comfortable

Harmonize with the external environment

Maximize natural materials

Decrease energy dependence

Communicate well, fostering trustful relationships

Construct durable homes that last generations

How We Can Work Together


Knowledge is key. The importance of having someone on your side that knows the ins and outs of what you are trying to achieve can not be understated. Let our expertise help guide you through your project.

Schedule A Where to Start Call


Interpreting ideas, creating order, simplifying, and transforming them into reality is what we do as your designer. From floor plans to finishing details, we listen to your needs and desires to create a schematic to success. “Design is thinking made visual.” Saul Bass


Committed to the value of sustainability, we prioritize and implement the highest performance-based energy standards in the industry. We have extensive experience with alternative construction systems including straw bale, renewable energy systems, non-toxic and recycled materials.

The importance of working with a design build company when building a strawbale home cannot be over emphasized. Solarwise is by far the best company that I have ever known when it comes to creating straightforward, sensible designs that are efficient to build and have amazing aesthetic characteristics.

Ryan Chivers

Artesano Plaster, Limestrong

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